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This Native American Tea Helps Cure Cancer. Big Pharma Kept Secret for Over 100 years!

A simple inexpensive four herb tea that cures cancer? Even AIDS maybe? This has been a critical concern since Essiac tea was introduced in Canada during the early 1920’s. For over 50 years, a humble nurse, Rene Caisse (pronounced Reen Case), used the tea successfully with many terminal cancer patients

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 2

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 1 What You Must Avoid Anti-perspirants There is persuasive evidence that anti-perspirants can lead to breast cancer.  They prevent perspiration, which is one of the means the body uses to purge poisons, a safeguard for our breasts.  If these poisons remain

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Eat Fruit and Vegetables There have been innumerable studies linking breast health with the plentiful consumption of vegetables and fruits. One study found 48 percent less breast cancer among enthusiastic vegetable and fruit eaters. The International Journal of Cancer reported a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer among those on

Breathes more life into every cell

Are We Stealing Power From the Gods? This Breakthrough Discovery I’m About to Share with You INCREASES the Number of “Power Generators” in Your Cells, Releasing Inexhaustible Power and Energy ON DEMAND… Could This Open the Door to Becoming “Super Human”? My name is Dr. Al Sears, M.D., and I’ve

Treatment and Prevention of Hormonal Issues

Part 1 If you are confused because of all the different opinions about hormones, you are not alone. For example, has any doctor ever suggested a drastic change of diet to cure your problem periods? The truth is that women of all ages who dramatically improve their diets find, to their

What Is Holding You Back From Healing Your Life? – Healing Cancer World Summit

Hello Louise Hay was born on October 8, 1926. She’d turn 92 this year. With her birthday tomorrow, I’ve been thinking a lot about her and the many people she’s helped with her work over the years. Louise wrote her first book at age 50 and started Hay House when

Drug Expiry Dates Don’t Matter

You should never take a medication that has passed its expiration date, right? After all, it’s probably completely ineffective. And it might even be toxic. Well, I have some news for you. Expiration dates mean little to nothing. And here’s how we know: Some folks at the US Department of

Aspirin may be worse than nothing

Al Sears, MD 11905 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 September 28, 2018 Hello Aspirin… Good for you, right? Even stop a heart attack in its tracks. You’ve seen the ad. But not so fast… Almost every day, one of my patients will ask me if they should take

Illegal drugs in our burgers

Al Sears, MD 11905 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 September 20, 2018 Dear Reader I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about how your food safety is at risk because of Big Agra’s urge to put profits ahead of your health. Now a brand-new study published by Consumer Reports

Newly discovered stem cell organ

Al Sears, MD 11905 Southern Blvd. Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 September 26, 2018 World’s leading stem cell pioneer says this changes everything… The Stem Cell Organ The discovery of an organ that nurtures your stem cells has ushered in a new and better therapy already proven in clinical trials

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