Cancer Breakthrough USA – Review

Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review

Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review

Can you believe an American doctor actually said, “In 21 days you can just about get rid of any cancer” — and then proved it?

Well she did.  I interviewed her myself.  What’s more, I talked to some of the patients whose lives she saved during the last 20 years.  I investigated her whole approach, and I can tell you…

There’s absolutely no doubt her cancer breakthrough has helped one “terminal” patient after another get rid of cancer.  I saw for myself.

What’s more, she did it with natural methods only — NO disfiguring surgery, NO burning radiation, and NO poisonous chemo.

And here’s what’s really scandalous…

You’ll never hear a word about her cancer breakthrough
unless you know an insider

That’s right:  If you’ve EVER heard about her amazing cancer cures — and I bet you haven’t — then you heard it through the grapevine.

In fact, one doctor practically whispered to a woman with breast cancer, “I can’t legally tell you this, but cancer responds well to holistic treatment.”  He discreetly referred his patient to the very doctor I’m talking about.  And the woman totally got rid of her breast cancer.

It’s a fact: alternative cancer doctors are so fiercely persecuted in America, the clinic I’m telling you about can’t legally advertise.  They have to rely on word of mouth.

I realize what I’m telling you is hard to believe. I don’t blame you for being skeptical. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll prove to you that this is on the level.

Let me introduce myself to you. I’m Frank Cousineau, the president of two nonprofit organizations devoted to battling cancer. I’m involved in the fight against cancer because my mother died an early death from cancer. So if one of your loved ones is struggling with cancer right now, I know exactly how you feel. The views I’m expressing here are my own and not necessarily those of the two nonprofit groups.

I can legally tell you what the doctors can’t tell you because I’m not a doctor

. I have a First Amendment right to report what others have told me.


An insider’s guide to seeking alternative cancer treatment in the U.S.

This Special Report gives you critical information about alternative cancer clinics that the FDA and the drug industry don’t want you to know about.

You’ll discover over a dozen clinics right here in the U.S. that are curing cancer using safe, alternative treatments… NO disfiguring surgery, NO burning radiation, and NO poisonous chemo.

These hidden clinics are quietly saving the lives of countless cancer victims… even those with hopeless cancers.

Like Bernadette, a middle-aged woman from New York who had brain cancer. Her doctors told her, There’s nothing we can do for you. In other words, they gave her a death sentence. But she went to one of the alternative cancer clinics revealed in this Special Report, Cancer Breakthrough USA. After three weeks of alternative treatment, she went home with some nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. Her headaches were gone. Her pain was gone. Her tumor was gone, as proved by a new MRI. There are many, many stories like Bernadette’s.

Unfortunately, most cancer victims never hear about them. But this Special Report tells you everything you need to know about alternative cancer doctors and their clinics.

It gives you contact information for over a dozen of the most outstanding alternative cancer clinics in America including addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and website addresses.

Editorial Reviews

Thanks so much for ALL you are doing — it’s HUGE and vastly appreciated. –Mari G.I know Frank from the Cancer Control Society. He is hard-working, a gentleman and always ready to listen and help. The world is blessed to have him and it is an honor to have his book in my home. Thank you, Frank. –Jo T.

About the Author

Frank Cousineau is a California-based researcher, author, and consultant in the field of alternative health. He is also the president of two non-profit organizations devoted to informing cancer patients about effective alternative therapies and helping them take advantage of those therapies. Frank’s interest in alternative health began 35 years ago when his mother developed cancer for the third time in 17 years. The futile attempts of his mother’s doctors to arrest the disease frustrated Frank, and led him to launch a lifelong quest to identify effective natural alternatives to conventional cancer treatment.
Over the last 35 years, Frank has visited 6 countries and logged more than 150,000 miles to investigate dozens of treatments and clinics. In the process, he’s been among the first researchers to inform Americans about health breakthroughs that have improved and saved lives. His years of research have made him a prized consultant to physicians and clinics seeking information about alternative and complementary cancer treatments.
He has also organized and conducted more than 80 consumer tours of North American alternative cancer clinics. Many cancer patients who join the tours return to the clinics and are successfully treated. When Frank isn’t traveling the world seeking out new treatments and first-rate clinics, he lives in Modesto, California with his wife Chayo, and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. Frank and Chayo also run Life Support, which supplies nutritional supplements to physicians.
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Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review
Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review
Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review
Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review
Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review

Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review

Cancer Breakthrough USA - Review

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