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Are Parents Willing To Sacrifice Some Conveniences For The Sake Of Their Children’s Health? Anti-vaccine advocates are often the target of ridicule but at the end of the day… all they want is what’s best for their children. But can these anti-vax activists go without their WIFI? Can they live


How the Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ is the key to natural health This ‘heartbeat’ is a frequency that the Earth emits – as a result of 50 bursts of lightning flashing around the world at any given moment. It’s called the Schumann resonance… named after the scientist who discovered it:  Winfried Schumann.


Recent Discovery Erases the Need for Harmful Prescription Drugs Restore the natural balance within your body and unleash a rapid healing response in just 3 minutes a day   The Natural Synergy System Treats Strong Pain And A Multitude Of Common Ailments At Its Root Cause While Accelerating The Body’s Healing Response.

The REAL cause of Cancer (what nobody tells you)

Ryan Sternagel is one of the most inspiring people I know of. In fact, Ryan recently spoke on stage at one of our events — and blew everyone away by sharing his heartbreaking (and inspiring!) story.It began when he got devastating news on his son’s first birthday: stage IV cancer.

The Benefits, Research and Medical use of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is a natural product from trees and despite its chemically sounding name is known to be one of the least toxic substances in biology (Parcell, 2002). Overview Information DMSO is chemical. It is available as a prescription medicine and dietary supplement. It can be taken by mouth, applied to

Recommended Health Practioners within Australia & New Zealand

Seeking a Health Practitioner? IF YOU ARE SEEKING A PRACTITIONER ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND: WE CANNOT ANSWER FURTHER QUESTIONS REGARDING “RECOMMENDED PRACTITIONERS” Who we know and recommend on the Sunshine Coast Qld: Bob Fordham (Natural Health Activist, Nutritional Specialist, NLP & Hypnotherapist, Body & vEnergy Balance, Creator

Alternative and Integrative Oncology – Dr Greg Fredericks

The Quintessential Reference Guide to Evidence Based Cancer Therapies. In a world with ever-increasing rates of cancer, this book gives inspiration, hope, and empowerment to those who face the challenges of the future. This book is was written for those pursuing Alternative Cancer Therapies and/or Integrative Orthodox Treatments. This is

This Native American Tea Helps Cure Cancer. Big Pharma Kept Secret for Over 100 years!

A simple inexpensive four herb tea that cures cancer? Even AIDS maybe? This has been a critical concern since Essiac tea was introduced in Canada during the early 1920’s. For over 50 years, a humble nurse, Rene Caisse (pronounced Reen Case), used the tea successfully with many terminal cancer patients

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 2

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 1 What You Must Avoid Anti-perspirants There is persuasive evidence that anti-perspirants can lead to breast cancer.  They prevent perspiration, which is one of the means the body uses to purge poisons, a safeguard for our breasts.  If these poisons remain

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Eat Fruit and Vegetables There have been innumerable studies linking breast health with the plentiful consumption of vegetables and fruits. One study found 48 percent less breast cancer among enthusiastic vegetable and fruit eaters. The International Journal of Cancer reported a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer among those on

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