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Ultimate Guide to Alcohol & Cancer

Over the last decade, there has been a proliferation in research focusing on the link between alcohol and cancer. The conclusion of this research is that alcohol consumption causes cancer. This includes cancer of larynx, cancer of the pancreas, cancer of the anus and cancer of the female breast amongst other

The Really Good Oil Australia Review

About The Really Good Oil Australia uses Hemp that is grown organically in Denmark, a country renowned for his high standards in soil care and low levels of pollution. Unlike other manufacturers who source their hemp from China or make their CBD products from the leftovers of the hemp fibre

Black Salve – The Internationally Recognised Skin Treatment!

Black Salve is a herbal based product, featuring two principal herbs that are said historically to have pharmacologically demonstrated anti-cancer properties, Blood Root (Sanguinaria canadensis) and Chaparral (Larrea mexicata). Recent versions of Black Salve include Galangal root (Alpinia officinarium) or Ginger root (Zingiber officinale), and sometimes Graviola leaf (Annona muricata).

“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” – Review

Over 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide At last… a No-Holds-Barred Book that Exposes the Lies the Food Industry and Drug Manufacturing Giants Have Been Telling Us For Years and What You Can Do To Lead An Improved and Healthier Life! Millions of people are suffering needlessly as a direct result of


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a truly free, harmonious society — in which we all have abundant, safe, natural products, and medical advice we can trust implicitly?  Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, because our planet has become dominated by evil multinational corporations that have stealthily gained control of governments

President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Victory Over Cancer

Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library Dear Friend, On July 12, 1985, Ronald Reagan’s presidency came to a screeching halt. The public didn’t know it. The press didn’t report it. But he was prepared to resign his office to Vice President George Bush Sr. The reason why? He was diagnosed with three

Watch The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest

Cancer Will Kill Nearly 8 Million People This Year. They’re Hiding the Truth on How NOT to Be One of Them. We’re Revealing Everything to You Starting Right Now… Discover the most effective ways to prevent and beat cancer you aren’t being told about anywhere else. Over 1.4 million people

17 cancer facts every person needs know

Cancer is one of the most well-known topics on the planet, yet there is so much that can reduce your personal risk of developing cancer that you might not know. Cancer is the #2 killer in developed countries and #1 in underdeveloped countries.  Right now, due to poor lifestyle habits,

Every Single Minute of Every Single Day… Over 15 People Die of Cancer. Find Out How NOT To Be One Of Them With This Short 42 Second Quiz.

Sounds too shocking to be true doesn’t it? Every minute (60 seconds) over 15 people die of cancer around the world and ultimately 1 in every 3 people on the planet right now will be diagnosed with cancer. And the more we find out about traditional treatment options the more

HOW and WHY does Cannabis Cure Cancer – Scientific Explanation

  Please Re-Upload and Share this Video with Everyone! Health Professionals, Doctors and Scientists Interviewed They are listed in order of appearance in this video… Sign Global Petition to END THE WAR ON DRUGS Sign Petition @ Listed in Order of Appearance: Jeffrey Hergenrather M.D. President of the Society

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