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The REAL cause of Cancer (what nobody tells you)

Ryan Sternagel is one of the most inspiring people I know of. In fact, Ryan recently spoke on stage at one of our events — and blew everyone away by sharing his heartbreaking (and inspiring!) story.It began when he got devastating news on his son’s first birthday: stage IV cancer.

Alternative and Integrative Oncology – Dr Greg Fredericks

The Quintessential Reference Guide to Evidence Based Cancer Therapies. In a world with ever-increasing rates of cancer, this book gives inspiration, hope, and empowerment to those who face the challenges of the future. This book is was written for those pursuing Alternative Cancer Therapies and/or Integrative Orthodox Treatments. This is

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 2

Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk – Part 1 What You Must Avoid Anti-perspirants There is persuasive evidence that anti-perspirants can lead to breast cancer.  They prevent perspiration, which is one of the means the body uses to purge poisons, a safeguard for our breasts.  If these poisons remain

Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Eat Fruit and Vegetables There have been innumerable studies linking breast health with the plentiful consumption of vegetables and fruits. One study found 48 percent less breast cancer among enthusiastic vegetable and fruit eaters. The International Journal of Cancer reported a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer among those on

Treatment and Prevention of Hormonal Issues

Part 1 If you are confused because of all the different opinions about hormones, you are not alone. For example, has any doctor ever suggested a drastic change of diet to cure your problem periods? The truth is that women of all ages who dramatically improve their diets find, to their

What Is Holding You Back From Healing Your Life? – Healing Cancer World Summit

Hello Louise Hay was born on October 8, 1926. She’d turn 92 this year. With her birthday tomorrow, I’ve been thinking a lot about her and the many people she’s helped with her work over the years. Louise wrote her first book at age 50 and started Hay House when

Confidential Cures CBD Promo

Dear Reader, What I just uncovered could have me shut down by the drug industry and their puppets in power! In short, it’s a government patent that ADMITS there’s a cure for cancer. A cure that is 100% natural… requires no prescriptions… and costs less than $1! And it’s BANNED

“You Gave Me the Courage to Tell My Doctors NO!”

Last fall, my friend Chris Wark released an incredible 10-part video series detailing the exact steps he took to heal his stage III colon cancer without chemo or radiation. Over 410,000 people tuned in to watch for free – and the feedback was inspiring. Here’s what Sherry said after watching

The 2nd Immune System- It’s Big Pharma’s WORST nightmare…

Dear Reader, It’s Big Pharma’s WORST nightmare… A disease-fighting breakthrough so powerful it won TWO Nobel Prizes. The discovery of a dormant “Second Immune System” inside your body… That when reawakened has defeated ALL of the worst chronic diseases in major human clinical trials. Harvard Medical School reports it “Induces

Cancer Hospital Rejects Chemo

Dear Reader, At America’s #1 cancer hospital, a quiet revolt is underway against the drug companies. You see, a handful of doctors — with the support of the hospital’s director — have decided to buck chemo, radiation, and surgery. Instead, they’re now prescribing a tiny pill – one that’s much

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