Treatment and Prevention of Hormonal Issues

Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal IssuesTreatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

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Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

If you are confused because of all the different opinions about hormones, you are not alone. For example, has any doctor ever suggested a drastic change of diet to cure your problem periods? The truth is that women of all ages who dramatically improve their diets find, to their amazement, that their periods immediately become light and painless. If they continue eating well, they will never suffer from problem periods again, will have no PMT, and will experience an easy menopause. Even fibroids melt away when a good diet is followed religiously, provided oestrogen is discontinued, and the right kind of natural progesterone is used. Do you know any doctor cluey enough to give you that information? We don’t. Most prefer surgery and dangerous drugs.

Following are a few simple ways to banish hormonal problems:


David Smallbone, MD, from Buxton, England, has been in medical practice for more than 30 years.  For many years he successfully and almost exclusively used nutrition, herbs and homeopathy, combined with diet and lifestyle changes, to treat his patients. Dr Smallbone said this about endometriosis:

“I believe one of the factors in endometriosis is a failure to produce enough progesterone early in life. Women who have a lot of non-ovulatory cycles, girls who have early onset of menstruation but then have a lot of non-ovulatory cycles, and girls whose menstruation seems to start and stop a lot.  It’s in the earlier half of life that you get the first symptoms of it.

“This is one reason why good nutrition is so important for teenagers.  Those blast cells will be much better equipped to resist stimulation by estrogen if they are well-nourished.  I also believe that birth control pills have an over-stimulating effect and should be avoided.

“As always, by far the most effective approach to this debilitating illness is prevention.”

Endometrial Cancer

Cancer of the womb is due to unopposed oestrogen and/or oestrogen dominance, conditions that are explained in the Menopause chapter of Elaine’s book.  As is the case with so many female illnesses, this can be prevented by diet and progesterone, but be careful, natural progesterone is the only healthful option. We strongly recommend that any woman faced with a decision about endometrial complications read the late Dr John Lee’s book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause.

Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

Fibroid Tumours

Fibroid tumours, like breast fibrocysts, are a product of oestrogen dominance.  Oestrogen stimulates their growth and lack of oestrogen causes them to atrophy.  When natural progesterone is supplied, fibroids no longer grow and can be kept from growing until after menopause, at which time they gradually atrophy.

Uterine Cancer

Diet is a major risk factor in this, as in most cancers. Eating lots of salads and shunning junk food offers protection, as does progesterone. Neils Lauersen, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at New York Medical College, and author of PMS: Premenstrual Syndrome and You. Dr Lauersen says, “No human cancer has been reported during progesterone treatment; quite the reverse, progesterone has been used in treating specific uterine cancers.”

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For full details, see  Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry.

Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

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Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues
Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues
Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues
Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

Treatment And Prevention Of Hormonal Issues

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